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You can segment your subbscribers by the following criteria:
  • Subscription date
  • Last activity
  •  How often the user visited your site
  • Browser
  • Language
  • City, country
  • Subscriber ID
  • Pages that subscribers visited
  • Tags: here you can set up segmentation by age, gender, etc., on your own
How to set up Segmentation:
  1. Go to the Segments section. 
  2. Click the “Create new segment” button
3. In the pop-up, enter a name for the future segment and choose the subscriber database you want to segment:
4. Click the Next button and after that a page with direct settings opens. The platform offers the following subscriber segmentation options:
Note: - operator "and" means that subscriber should meet both (all) criteria thesame time- operator "or" means that subscriber should meet one of the criteria
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