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Creating a database for push notifications
For a website visitor to receive push notifications, they need to select the “Accept” button on the subscription window and the “Allow” button on the service window of the browser. After allowing the display of notifications, the user joins the user database and becomes a subscriber to web pushes from the website.

Create new database

In Nashpush service, go to the User Databases tab and click the + Create new User Database.
Select the Web platform, name the database, and specify the domain of your site.
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Set a subscription window

Select one of three available subscription window interfaces.

Native browser window

The request to display push notifications appears on the website as a pop-up window in the browser and offers options: "Allow" and "Block". Does not imply any additional options in the form of a custom image or text.

Custom Subscription window

Selecting the Custom Subscription window allows you to add images, custom text, buttons, and emojis, as well as change the background and text colors.
For the subscription window, it is better to use a square image. Additionally, you should keep an eye on the number of characters in the subscription window, to ensure that you don't exceed 90.
On the right, you will see a preview of the subscription window you created.

Subscription windows pool

Subscription windows pool allows you to test several variations of the subscription window, and then choose the one that works best.

The maximum number of characters in each version of the message is 80. Maximum size for icons, PNG, JPG, and GIF images is 96×96 and 500 KB.
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Screenshot 2023-05-10 at 22.20 (3).png
You can combine text, icons, and buttons in any way you like.

Display Conditions (optional)

After setting up a subscription window, you can specify the period within which it should be automatically re-displayed by using the Subscription re-display field. Following a user's cancellation, the window will reappear after a specified period.Delaying subscription window – the time after which a user on the website page will see the subscription window.
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Extra Settings (optional)

Make your databases easier to filter and sort with extra settings. You can do this by adding a desired parameter and value.

Source link parameter (optional)

In the Source link parameter fields, enter the custom parameters that need to be passed to the campaign.
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Nashpush SDK files

Download the Nashpush SDK files and add them to the root of your website's directory. You can do it yourself or ask a web developer/programmer.
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Code Snippet

Copy the Code Snippet and integrate it into the <head> of your site.
The push notifications database has been created. Having integrated the snippet into the website code, you can now move to setting up and sending push messages.
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