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Create push pools

Create a Push Pool

To create a pool of push notifications, go to the Pushes section, and click + New Push pool:
On the opened page, you will see a table consisting of 4 columns: titles, messages, images, icons. These are the components of a push notification:
Here you can add content for your pushes. Note that the interface allows mixing content. By default, the content is not mixed, meaning, if you look at the table with your content, one row of title-message-image-icon will make up one push. Therefore, it's important that the number of elements in each column is equal. As you can see in the example, the table has 20 titles, 20 messages, 20 images, and 20 icons. The "Mix Content" toggle is turned off, so we get 20 pushes:
If you want to send a significantly larger number of messages at a high frequency, you can enable the “Mix Content” function. In this case, you will get a number that equals the product of titles*messages*images*icons. Taking the previous example, where we had 20 elements each, we would get 160,000 messages.In this scenario, the number of elements in each column can be unequal.Also, remember: if you decide to mix content, it should be well-matched, meaning, for example, each image should fit with every title, and so on.3. To complete the creation of the pool, click Create pool. Now you can use this choosing it in dropdown menu when setting up periodic push campaign (Periodical push):

Content Insights

If you are creating a periodical campaign using a push pool, you can analyze the content using the Content insights option. You can find it on the Push dashboard by calling three dots menu:
Here you can see all the variations of push notifications that you have created using Push pools, and you will be able to analyze which variation is the most effective. The available metrics are: Sent, Impressions, Unique clicks, Clicks, Conversions, Revenue, CTR:
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