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Time to Automate: Zapier Integration

Published: September, 2023
Last updated: : September, 2023
Businesses of all sizes are relying more and more on automation. Not only does it open more time to focus on strategic tasks, but it also helps companies to stay competitive and agile in a constantly evolving marketplace. On this note, we want to announce our integration with Zapier.This integration allows us to automate customer actions, so you can concentrate on what's important.

What is Zapier?

Zapier is a platform that helps businesses streamline tasks by connecting different web applications and automating workflows between them. With Zapier, companies can easily automate routine tasks and trigger actions in other apps based on specific criteria. For example, a business could use Zapier to add new leads from a web form to their CRM system or to send a follow-up email to new customers automatically.Zapier offers connections to 5000+ top apps with over 100 different trigger-action connections. Plus, it calls for no coding on your part: simply drag and drop between any apps to establish a link between them.  

About the Integration

Zapier can be used with HubSpot – a one-stop shop for marketing software – to streamline contacts and forms management, automate tasks like sending emails and creating spreadsheets, and free up marketing, sales, and customer success teams to close deals.Using users' email addresses, NashPush connected to HubSpot through Zapier. Now, whenever an action happens on HubSpot's end, the client receives a push notification. You can use NashPush to create any trigger-action connections you may need. Eventually, that push notification can be customized to reflect anything you want. Depending on your preferences, push notifications can be sent to a channel, a specific group, or an individual.

Possibilities of Push Notifications

According to Business of Apps, tailored push notifications can increase reaction rates by 40%, advanced targeting by 300%, and personalized push notifications by 400%.Zapier allows you to connect and automate workflows across a wide range of platforms, including rock stars like:Google Workspace: connect Gmail, Sheets, and Google Drive to automate tasks and streamline workflows.Trello: automate your Trello boards, create new cards, move cards between lists, and update card information.Slack: connect your Slack workspace with other apps and services to automate notifications, updates, and messages.Shopify: automate Shopify tasks, create new orders, update customer information, and track sales data.WordPress: automate WordPress tasks, publish blog posts, update user information, and create new pages.With Nashpush, you will be able to receive push notifications once any action on any platform is triggered.Integration with Zapier is the first step to endless possibilities with NashPush notifications: from improving customer communication by providing real-life updates to delivering personalized content about news, promotions, special offers, and other events.In the future, we plan to add more platforms to streamline our client's business processes so that you can connect with your users anytime and anywhere with omnichannel campaigns.