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Retargeting vs. Remarketing: The Difference You Need to Know

Published: September, 2023
Last updated: : September, 2023
Most of us would have the correct answer if asked separately, 'what is remarketing' and 'what is retargeting.' It is when asked what the differences between the two are that confusion sets in. Now, do we really need to know the difference between retargeting and remarketing? The short answer is 'yes' because it will make choosing the correct strategy for your business easier. We'll walk you through those subtle differences in this article. But first things first. Traditionally, let's start with definitions.

Getting the terminology right

Remarketing is a marketing strategy that engages with existing customers or users who have previously shown interest in a brand or product.Retargeting is a digital advertising strategy that displays targeted ads based on users' past online behavior and interactions.Simple example: Say you work for a soft drink company, 'Summer Juice'. You can send push notifications to your user database informing them of the awesome new cherry flavor. This is remarketing. Some people will be interested and put cans with the new Summer Juice taste in their carts, but won't buy them.So, then, you can show them ads reminding them about the abandoned cart item. This will then be retargeting. Afterward, you can send messages to all those who purchased the drink, asking how they liked it. And this will be remarketing once again).

Retargeting vs. Remarketing: Similarities & Differences

Let's explore the similarities and differences between retargeting and remarketing to get a deeper understanding.   Both strategies can:✔️ Reconnect with users who have previously interacted with a brand or its offerings.✔️ Leverage user data and behavior to target specific individuals or segments.✔️ Use various digital marketing channels like email, push notifications, display ads, social media, and more.✔️ Reengage with interested users to increase brand visibility, engagement, and conversions.✔️ Track metrics to measure campaign effectiveness and optimize performance.
Target Audienceexisting customersspecific users based on their online behavior
Channelsmarketing tactics beyond advertising: newsletters, emails, personalized offers... digital advertising
Data Collectionuser databasetracking pixels or codes on websites
Goalsbuild stronger customer relationships and loyalty, drive repeated purchasesmake users complete the desired action
Reachown resources (on-site)on-site and off-site

Push to Remarket and Retarget

Now you see that despite the similarities, remarketing, and retargeting require different approaches. However, push notifications are a great tool to leverage both strategies. You can use push notifications to re-engage, personalize offers, and remind users of abandoned carts, enhancing your retargeting and remarketing efforts.Remarketing: Title: New Cherry Taste for More Summer FunContent: Hey, Sarah! We wanted you to be the first to know about our summer-y cherry flavor. We hope you'll like it just as much as the classic Summer Juice taste. Button: Let's see
Title: Hey! Your favorite item is Still Available!Content: We noticed you were interested in our cherry Summer Juice. Great news – it's still in stock! Don't let this popular item slip away. Click here to add it to your cart before it's too late!Button: Go to the StoreYes, push notifications seem to be closer to remarketing due to their use of user databases. But in reality, they can play in both fields: re-engage users and enhance loyalty while being very effective at directing users to complete desired actions. For example, with Nashpush all you have to do is create your database and then integrate the Nashpush code to your website. That’s it. After that, you can start sending your remarketing and retargeting campaigns. 

Remarketing vs. Retargeting in a Nutshell

Okay, if you only have a minute to read the summary, here is the deal. Remarketing is a broader term that basically means a strategy to re-engage existing users to enhance loyalty, remind them about your brand, and suggest taking action. For this, marketers can use a variety of tools: from emails to personalized offers. Retargeting has a more straightforward goal – motivating the user to complete the desired action, and it uses ads as its main tool. Push notifications are a great way to leverage both strategies. If you don’t want to spend too much time learning how to set up campaigns and what metrics to track, be sure to choose a user-friendly push notification service like Nashpush.Want to unleash the full potential of remarketing and retargeting? Push here