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Mastering Customer Communication: Strategies for Effective Engagement in 2024

Published: December, 2023
Last updated: : December, 2023
More and more companies are investing in customer service, and what we should recognize is that the bar is higher than ever. With so many choices, people no longer buy products; they buy experiences. And this makes all businesses join this deadly battle to win one’s attention.The cost of poor communication with clients is measured in billions. In the US alone, it’s close to 4 billion annually. To safeguard against such potentially crippling setbacks and to communicate your brand’s message effectively, you need a customer communications strategy.Read this article and find out:
  • What is customer communications strategy? 
  • Why managing customer communication is essential? 
  • What are the channels you can use?
  • How do push notifications help to build effective customer communications? 
Let this blog post serve as your guide to elevating your customer communication game and propelling your business to new heights. The ball is in your court—let's roll it!

What are client communications strategies? 

Stay or leave — this decision is often made quickly, too quickly, to give your business a second chance (or even chances). Customer service is here a make-or-break factor in shaping swift judgments. But don’t worry, we’ll show you how to get things right. A customer communications strategy is a comprehensive customer communications plan that outlines how a business will engage and interact with its customers to build and maintain strong relationships. It encompasses the methods, channels, and messaging used to communicate with customers throughout their entire journey, from initial awareness and acquisition to ongoing support and retention. With a customer communication plan and client communication strategies, your chances are rising sky-high!Customer communications strategies are essential for various reasons:⭐️ Build strong relationshipsThe world will spread when your business communicates at the right time, frequency, and channels. With customer communications strategies, you do not shoot in the dark; you precision-target your message, resonating with your audience in ways that are meaningful and relevant to their needs. ⭐️Increase your profitImproving communication with customers is a strategic investment that has the potential to impact your bottom line and pay dividends over time significantly. If you find the right time and channel, the number of clients ready to buy can rise to 34%. The CX Trends Report also highlights that increased customer retention lies in deeper personalization. This fact is acknowledged by 77% of businesses. ⭐️ Implement the changeYour customer’s needs may change over time. By maintaining regular contact, you are prepared for unforeseen circumstances, and sometimes, you are even able to anticipate the customer’s inquiries. 

Channels for effective customer service communication

The most common channels for customer communication procedure are:

👉 Emails

Emails are valuable for non-urgent issues like delivery errors, product returns, etc. The benefit is that emails can be highly personalized, and their written nature allows customers to articulate their thoughts with clarity and precision. Some customers do not want to communicate via social media for privacy reasons. Others may not use the phone calls. In this way, emails remain one of the most confidential forms of communication, which allows one to express detailed concerns and receive thoughtful responses.

👉 Social media

Social media can give you the power to build community and achieve some big wins in that channel. The trick here is to find the right one for your audience. If you can do this, you’ll see an average churn rate that’s 15% higher than companies that ignore this means of communication. 

👉 Phone calls

Perhaps you think that phones are outdated in terms of client communication strategies. However, the truth is that phones still account for 68% of all support interactions. Moreover, 42% are likely to make a call to know some additional details about the product. 

👉 Push notifications

Push notifications are quick alerts sent to users through apps or websites. One of the greatest benefits of push notifications is that they reach users in real-time. Another one — you do not need any personal information! This makes it one of the most effective strategies in the customer communication process!Some stats:
  • The open rate for push notifications – about 20%
  • The open rate for emails – less than 2%
At the same time…
  • Click rate for push notifications – 18%
  • Click rate for emails – 2-6%
Sounds impressive, doesn't it? Of course, that does not mean push notifications should be the only tool in your customer communication management strategy. But it could be the strongest weapon in your arsenal. Nushpush is the leading push notifications platform that could help you make your business known and drive user engagement to unprecedented heights. With Nushpush, your company can harness the power of targeted and personalized push notifications to not only enhance brand visibility but also establish a direct and impactful line of communication with your audience. Apply to us, and let’s build customer loyalty together!

Three awesome ways to use push notifications for customer communication and marketing

Abandoned cart

Imagine your client is looking for a laptop. He scrolls down tens of pages and finally finds yours. The laptops your company has may offer a good quality/price ratio; the client is fascinated and adds one to the cart. However, the time goes by, and you see he still needs to finish the purchase. So, what’s the problem? The average cart abandonment rate is 67%. What you can do is urging your client to come back and complete a purchase. Use push notifications to remind them about the product and boost your chances of buying a laptop from you.

Product update notifications

Picture your company offering some important updates for your products. Yet, there’s a potential challenge – your clients may not be reaping the full benefits of these advancements. Use push notifications in the customer communication process to ensure your features do not go unnoticed and your clients are in the loop. Product update notifications serve as a direct channel to bridge the gap between your innovations and your customers' awareness.

Relevant content

Some time ago, your client purchased a beautiful dress. So, why not recommend the shoes that would be a perfect fit? Suggesting relevant content is an excellent offer to anticipate your customers' needs before your competitors do. Your client already knows your company, thus, chances of buying from you are significantly higher!


At times when people expect timely, hyper-personalized, and relevant messages from businesses, push notifications arise as a powerful tool. These quick alerts sent through apps or websites cut through the digital noise, delivering real-time messages to users. 
Customer communication truly matters and has a lot of benefits. In a world saturated with information, push notifications' immediacy and targeted nature make them indispensable for businesses aiming to capture and retain customer attention. Of course, you can also consider other communication channels – emails, phone calls, social media, etc. So, invest in the power of personalized communication with Nushpush today. Elevate your customer engagement, boost brand visibility, and stay ahead in the competitive landscape!