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[How to] Engage Users with Personalized Push Notifications

Published: September, 2023
Last updated: : September, 2023
Bulk messaging is an excellent way to reach a large group of users, convey general information, or alert them about a recent product/service update. But at the same time, today, mass messaging is no longer as effective at engaging users. In order to increase engagement, you need personalized push notifications. On average, push notification personalization improves open rates by 9%, among other appealing statistics. So, in this article, we will teach you the right ways to create personalized messages to boost engagement. 

What are Personalized Push Notifications?

Personalized push notifications are messages tailored to users' preferences, behaviors, traits, and past online experiences. Customized content is designed to deliver relevant messages, like product recommendations similar to what the user already likes and timely info about things they're interested in. Personalized push messages foster a deeper connection between the user and the app or service, increasing the likelihood of interaction and, eventually, the desired action.

Seth, lace up for your next hiking adventure!

New travel gear arrivals!A personalized notification includes the user's name, references the user's interests (hiking), and gives a sense of exclusivity ("just arrived"). A non-personalized notification, on the other hand, is generic and lacks specific details about the user. 

How to Create Personalized Push Notifications [with examples] 

Consider including some of the following key features in your push notifications to make them feel more personal and engaging. According to recent research by McKinsey, after COVID, 70% of consumers consider personalization a basic expectation. Let’s take a look at how you can personalize your push notifications: User's Name: Address the user by their name to create an immediate sense of familiarity. Relevance: Tailor the content to the user's interests, preferences, or past behaviors/interactions. Context: Use the user's recent activity or behavior in the app or platform to establish a connection.Localization: Provide location-specific offers, events, or information based on the user's location. Timing: Send notifications when the user is most active or receptive based on past behavior.Exclusivity: Personalize deals and promotions based on customers' past preferences and purchase history. Acknowledgment: Celebrate milestones, achievements, or anniversaries related to the user's interactions with the app.Consistency: Make sure the tone and style align with the user's previous interactions and the app's branding.Opt-Out Option: Ensure users can opt out of personalized notifications to protect their privacy.Examples: 

Personalization Preferences

Not all push notification personalization techniques will work the same. For example, custom messaging, targeted promotions, celebrating milestones, and relevant product/service recommendations are personalization strategies. But at the same time, the use of names is perceived cool only by 27% of users (which isn't that bad) just because it is considered a must in 2023.
As you can see from this data from Localytics, the same tactics won't have the same effect on every user. The advisable thing to do is run some tests with your audiences and see what personalization features produce better responses and results.Using a platform like Nashpush, you can customize your push campaigns by filtering your subscriber list based on specific criteria, providing tailored messages for each subscriber.

Personalized Conclusion

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