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From Confusion to Connection: The Impactful Role of Customer Onboarding

Published: February, 2024
Last updated: : February, 2024
Have you ever found yourself trying to make a purchase but getting bogged down in the company’s interface? If so, we are sailing in the same boat. It may sound strange, but some companies seem to overlook the importance of user-friendliness. They do not provide any guidance as to how to buy from them (even if their client is eager to do so!). They neglect communication with the first customers, and the customers leave. Once and forever. This situation makes us feel really sorry. But that does not mean that your business should have the same fate!If you have not heard a word about onboarding a new customer, fear not! It’s HIGH TIME to acquaint yourself with this concept and incorporate it into your business strategy. 55% of the masses claim to have returned products because they were unable to understand the exact procedure of use. We bet you don’t want to join the circle of failures where customers leave, not because of dissatisfaction but simply due to confusion.Read further and learn:
  • What is the onboarding process for customers? 
  • Why onboarding new customers is so important for your business? 
  • What is a customer onboarding strategy and how to create the best one? 
  • How can push notifications help you with the customer onboarding process flow? 
Let’s start the ball rolling!💥

What is customer onboarding

Customer onboarding definition lies in the process through which businesses welcome, guide, and integrate new customers into their products or services. It is the critical first impression that sets the tone for the entire customer journey. Think of it as the warm handshake that initiates a lasting relationship between a customer and a brand.A few eye-opening facts:
  • Most revenue comes from existing customers 
  • Happy customers are your top referral sources
  • Retaining customers means lower acquisition costs
Let’s imagine two scenarios. The first one is when the company implements the techniques of onboarding a customer. The second does nothing in this realm. How does the user’s experience will look like in both cases? 
1. Picture this: you sign up for a new software service that prioritizes a comprehensive best customer onboarding process. Upon registration, you receive a personalized welcome email with step-by-step instructions guiding you through the initial setup. 
The software itself has interactive tutorials and tooltips, helping you navigate its features effortlessly. Additionally, you have access to a responsive customer support team and a knowledge base. 2. Now, consider a scenario where you sign up for a similar software service. After registration, there's no welcome email, and the user interface is complex and overwhelming. Without guidance, you struggle to understand the software's capabilities and functionalities. Frustration mounts as your attempts to seek help go unanswered or are met with delayed and unhelpful responses. Which service would you prefer? We bet the allure of the first is irresistible!

Why onboarding customers is important for businesses

Customer onboarding processes set the tone for your relationship. When implemented correctly, this tool is paramount when considering the long-term success of a business. Remember, you have only one chance to make a first impression. So, what are specific benefits depicting the importance of customer onboarding? 

Reduced Churn

Proper customer onboarding significantly reduces the likelihood of customers abandoning a product or service prematurely. It sets the foundation for long-term engagement.Lincoln Murphy once said, “The seeds of churn are planted early.” This means these seeds are planted right during the process of the first purchase.

First Impressions Matter

Did you know that business commonly has only seven seconds to make a first solid impression? That’s true, so try your best to show the value of your product to customers. 

Enhanced Product Understanding

Customer success onboarding ensures that customers fully comprehend the features and functionalities of a product, maximizing its utility and value.Rather than bombarding users with tons of possibly useless information, encourage hands-on exploration. Use interactive elements and engaging tutorials!

Customer Loyalty

A smooth customer onboarding process contributes to customer satisfaction, building loyalty, and increasing the likelihood of repeat business.When users feel valued, supported, and understood during their initial interactions, it forms the foundation for a lasting affinity with your brand. It's the beginning of a story where the customer doesn't just use a product but becomes an integral part of a community.

What is Customer Onboarding Strategy?

The onboarding customer strategy may include various elements, and some of them are…

👋 Okay, I’m here…Anybody cares? 

Make each of your customers believe that they are important to you. Say “hi,” and tell something about your product. Do not leave people to go through the darkness alone!

🤓 Educate, educate, educate

People love guides (especially good ones). They love structured information, and when this information can help them quickly find something they want. Offer tutorials, FAQs, and documentation. Offer your help on each step of the journey!

😎 Personal Guidance 

We all have different needs and varied expectations. Anticipate the user with his needs. Do not offer cakes for those who want apples. Do not act like a basic chatbot machine with typical questions and typical answers.

Elevate onboarding of customers with push notifications!

While talking about onboarding a new customer, it is quite difficult to find a tool better than push notifications. We give a 99,9% guarantee - you’ve used push notifications and possibly seen how they can ease the process. But let’s refresh information in mind 😉‼️ Push notifications are short messages (like pop-ups) sent to users through a desktop or a mobile app. Push notifications are quite interactive and consist of different elements, like captivating pictures, text messages, or even emojis ‼️One of the biggest advantages of push notifications is their real-time nature. Use push notifications to deliver quick tips, highlight completed steps, celebrate achievements, and encourage them to continue their journey with you!Reach out to our article on what pop-ups are and what the difference is between them and push notifications. Now, let’s see how you can use push notifications in practice.💡 Welcome and IntroductionSend a warm welcome push notification immediately after a user signs up. This sets a positive tone for customer success onboarding and lets users know that they are valued.
💡Guidance and TipsUse push notifications to provide helpful tips and guidance at different stages of onboarding. These notifications can offer insights into how to make the most of the product or service, showcase key features, and address common challenges.
💡Personalized RecommendationsUtilize data on user behavior and preferences to send personalized recommendations. Whether suggesting specific features or offering tailored content, personalized push notifications enhance the relevance of the onboarding customer process.
💡Reminders and PromptsSend timely reminders for users to complete specific onboarding tasks. Whether it's filling out a profile, completing a tutorial, or exploring certain features, push notifications can gently guide users through the process.
We know that mastering marketing can be quite challenging. Nushpush is here to help you with push notifications so that your business communicates with clients effectively. Apply to us and unlock the full potential of targeted and impactful customer engagement. 

Summing up…

Now you know about the onboarding of customers process, and we are sure —  you understand the importance of this tool. Apply to Nush if you want to make your users’ journey smooth and captivating from the very start.