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Overselling vs. Underselling: Crafting a Perfect Promotional Message

Published: September, 2023
Last updated: : September, 2023
You must read this article! Then visit our main page and see what we have to offer. Once you are done, check out our pricing. Buy our services Now!Awkward? Yes. This is how some promotional messages sound to customers. They are pushy, only talk about the benefits of the business, and honestly, they feel like being in a relationship with a narcissist. While in business, just like in life, we want to create an environment of trust and mutual value. So get your pens and notepads out. We are about to teach you how to compose messages that engage but don't annoy and promote but don't oversell. In other words, welcome to the article about effective promotional messages.

What is a Promotional Message?

 📓[Nashpush dictionary] Promotional messages are targeted communications that promote products, services, offers, or events. They are designed to capture the recipients' attention and drive them to take a desired action, like buying something, signing up for a service, attending an event, or engaging with content. Promo messages play an important role in driving sales, increasing brand visibility, and cultivating customer relationships, whether they're sent through social media, SMS, email, or push notifications.Promotional messages often highlight the unique value proposition of the offers, emphasize limited-time offers, discounts, or exclusive deals, and aim to create a sense of urgency or excitement. A well-crafted promotional message should be tailored to the audience's preferences and behaviors, using persuasive language, compelling visuals, and a clear call to action.

Main Problems of Promotional Messages

Excuse me, sir, do you have a moment to talk about… The main problem with promotional messages is that they look like… promotional messages. But we all know that rather than blatant sales pitches, consumers prefer messages that provide value, relevance, and personalized experiences. Besides non-existent engagement, here is what over-promotional messages may lead to: 😿 Reduced Brand Credibility: Overuse of promotions can diminish brand credibility, making recipients skeptical of the value offered.😿 Negative Perception: Too much promotion can create the impression that the brand is only interested in sales, which erodes trust and loyalty.
😿 Unsubscribes/Opt-outs: Recipients may unsubscribe or opt out of further communications due to the perception of excessive promotions.
But you might ask: 'Well, what about deals, coupons, and products on sale? How can you sell them without being promotional?'Using the following step-by-step message constructor, you will be able to compose a good promotional message that is relevant to your users and won't make them feel like you only care about money.

How to Craft a Good Promotional Message [Step by Step]

To be effective, promotional messages need to be clear, concise and contain the following components:
  1. Attention-Grabbing Title: Start with a short, catchy title that piques the recipient's interest and entices them to read further.
🌟 Discover Radiant Skin with Our Exclusive Sale!
  1. Clear and Compelling Message: Deliver the core promotional message concisely and clearly. Use persuasive language to highlight the offer's value or benefits.
It's time to say hello to healthy skin: Enjoy 20% off our best serums today!
  1. Call to Action (CTA): Include a clear and actionable CTA that tells recipients what to do next. Use action words like ‘Shop now,’ ‘Claim,’ ‘Discover,’ ‘Join,’ etc.
Claim Your Discount and Enjoy Beautiful Skin!Visual Elements: Incorporate relevant visuals such as product images, icons, or branding elements to make the notification visually appealing and instantly recognizable. Emojis can add a touch of personality and emotion to your message. Use them judiciously to complement your text. p.s. but keep in mind that images and emojis reduce the number of characters in your text!Relevant image – promoting your brand 
  1. Link or Button: Provide a direct link to the landing page or product, or include a button that recipients can click to benefit from the offer.
Glow on🌟 [Button leading to the exclusive skincare offer]Settings:Personalization: If possible, customize the message by addressing the recipient by their name. This adds a personalized touch and enhances engagement. Plus, statistics show that it makes 27% more users want to use your app. It is also a good idea to somehow incorporate user preferences and past online behaviors.🌟 [Username], Discover Radiant Skin with Our Exclusive Sale!Urgency or Scarcity: Create a sense of urgency or scarcity to encourage immediate action. This could be through time-limited offers, limited stock, or exclusive access.It's time to say hello to healthy skin: Enjoy 20% off our best serums Only today!Segmentation: Deliver targeted notifications based on your audience's interests, location, or past interactions.It's time to say hello to healthy skin: Enjoy 20% off your favorite serums Only today!*Drumroll* here is the final result:🌟 [Username], Discover Radiant Skin with Our Exclusive Sale!It's time to say hello to healthy skin: Enjoy 20% off your favorite serums Only today!Claim Your Discount and Enjoy Beautiful Skin!Glow on🌟

5 More Promotional Messages Examples That Aren’t Too Sales-y

Having this algorithm for a perfect promotional message, you can apply it to any industry. Don’t believe us? Okay, let’s ask ChatGPT to generate 5 random business industries, and we will prove that the sky is the limit when it comes to promotion when you have a clear structure to lean on.
Renewable EnergyHey, [Username], Ready to Power Your Home with Clean Energy?🌞Discover how to save on bills while reducing your carbon footprint. Limited spots are available, so act fast to secure exclusive benefits and become an eco-friendly household🔋Take the first step towards a sustainable future!Join us Today!
Fitness & Wellness🏋️‍♀️ Hey [Username], Ready to Transform Your Fitness Journey?This September, we're offering special prices for Your Favorite group classes.Claim your spot today and start your wellness transformation.💪Let's Do This🔥E-commerce Fashion Bonjour [Username], Accentuate Your Style with 20% Off!🛍️ Discover the latest trends and shop now for limited-time savings.Get Your Dream Look Today! 🕒Shop            Remind me laterFood and BeverageHey [Username], it's kebab time!Today, we have a 1+1 promotion on chicken kebabs!Order within 2 hours to enjoy one free kebab.Let's Kebab
Software as a service (SaaS)[Username], are you ready to Supercharge Your Productivity?🚀Unlock your favorite features with 30% off our premium package. Don't wait—this offer expires in 24 hours🕒Oh-oh, already 23:59!To Packages

Promotional Conclusion

📖 [Your name], your guide for promotional messages, is here!No need to abuse users with overly sales-y messages when you can easily craft an engaging yet not pushy ad campaign.Start composing those messages before your competitors do!⏱️For more information on push notifications. Push here