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Location Based Marketing: Benefits and Applications

Published: November, 2023
Last updated: : November, 2023
Location-based marketing, also known as geolocation marketing, or mobile location marketing, is a marketing strategy that leverages a user's physical location to deliver highly targeted and context-aware content, advertisements, or messages 🤓This approach allows businesses to engage with their audience in a way that is directly relevant to their current geographic position. Location based mobile marketing aims to provide personalized and timely information or offers to individuals based on where they are or have been.The article explores the benefits and field applications of geolocation mobile marketing to help businesses transform how they connect with customers. 

Benefits of location based marketing

Now we know the essence of what is geolocation marketing. But what are its benefits? ✅  Improved targeting First and foremost, geolocation marketing is all about delivering highly relevant content and better effectiveness of marketing campaigns. Knowing your audience, its pains, and needs is the key, and local and location based marketing is the way to make this happen.✅ Measures resultsWith this precious tool, you are not just writing in nowhere; you are crafting your message with precision and purpose, ensuring that every word you put on the page or screen has a deliberate intent and impact. Measure your results accurately using a map of your audience's preferences, behaviors, and interests.✅ Cost-efficiency
When content and offers are tailored to local needs and preferences, there is a higher chance of concentrating resources on areas with the highest potential for success, reducing wasteful spending on a broader audience.

Types of location based marketing

Mobile location based marketing encompasses various strategies and techniques leveraging a user's physical location to deliver targeted and relevant marketing messages. 
As an example, we can mention geofencing, proximity marketing, and beacon marketing. But experts, such as Naspush, can tell you more about the main differences and how to choose the best one. 
Location based marketing examples are numerous. This includes (but not limited to) local news and weather, business insights, retail promotions, etc.  Several promotion tools and traffic channels commonly use location-based marketing or offer clear geo-targeting options. Some of the most popular ones include: 
  • Google Ads
  • Social Media Ads
  • Push Notifications
  • others

Industries using location marketing

Location based digital marketing has gained popularity across many industries. Dive into the sectors that frequently employ geolocation marketing campaigns and see location based marketing examples. 🛒Retail and e-commerceIn retail, knowing where your customer is required to send targeted promotions, personalized product recommendations, or in-store notifications. By leveraging geolocation data, retailers can engage shoppers with location-specific discounts, provide recommendations based on the nearby stores they visit, and even send notifications when customers are in close proximity to a store, enhancing their shopping experience and increasing the likelihood of conversions.💊 Hospitality and tourismVarious travel agencies, hotels, or restaurants can gain additional location based marketing advantages. Basically, with its help, they provide guests with information about nearby attractions, special offers, and reservation incentives. For instance, hotels can offer exclusive discounts on spa services or nearby restaurants to guests staying in specific rooms. Travel agencies can send travelers real-time updates about local tours or events happening near their destination. Restaurants can use geolocation data to inform diners about daily specials or offer discounts to nearby patrons.🏀 Sports and fitnessGyms and fitness centers can do their best by offering relevant promotions and incentives to potential customers based on their location. For instance, they can send special offers to people in nearby neighborhoods or workplaces, encouraging them to visit the gym for a trial workout. Utilizing geolocation data, fitness centers can also provide fitness tips or reminders when users are close to their facilities, making it easier for individuals to prioritize their health and well-being. 

How to use push notifications in location based marketing technology

Push notifications are an effective way to engage with your customers based on their geographical location. But what are the main ways to ensure your location based mobile marketing is both successful and respectful of your users' preferences and privacy?Here are some key considerations:First, ensure that your push notifications are optimized for mobile devices. Messages should be concise, and any links or buttons should be easy to tap on a smartphone.Differentiate your customers based on their location, behavior, and interests. Ensure that each notification has a clear message and you are not overloading users when they are not in close proximity to your targeted locations. Send notifications at appropriate times. Be aware of time zones and local cultural norms to avoid inconveniencing users with untimely messages.And if you need help with creating user-friendly interfaces for your push notifications, then apply to Nashpush. Nashpush is a cutting-edge platform specializing in location-based marketing and push notification solutions. With a user-friendly interface and a range of features, Nashpush makes it easy for businesses to design, schedule, and deliver location-aware push notifications that engage customers effectively. The platform can segment your audience not only by country but even by city. This way, your business can send personalized push messages to subscribers living in a certain area.More about Nashpush


In a world where content is abundant, being able to connect with the right people at the right place and time is a game-changer for businesses striving to make a meaningful mark in the digital realm. Apply to Nashpush, harness the power of a user’s physical location, and make a difference in this world!