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10 [Very] Popular Push Notification Templates

Published: September, 2023
Last updated: : September, 2023

Anatomy of a Classic Push Notification Template

Just like there is a table of contents, preface, main body, and conclusion in a book, a typical push notification also has its structure. 

Industries that Use Push Notifications the Most

We are not surprising anyone here if we say that e-commerce is ahead of all other industries when it comes to using these friendly push reminders. “Don’t miss out on our Final Sale!” “20% off for Halloween,” “Use PUSHRULES for an exclusive discount”– we all have received these kinds of messages. And very likely completed the desired action in many cases. We know we did!)
However, other industries are not too far behind. Today, Starbucks, Adidas, Uber, JetBlue, Netflix, Ticketmaster, and many other brands use push notifications in their promotional efforts. Let’s look at 10 popular push notification templates and analyze their efficiency. 

10 Popular Push Notification Templates
⁠[and how you can make them work for you]

“It’s nice to have you with us! Tap to get your new member 30% discount!”The key to customer loyalty is building it from the start. Most brands send a welcome email, but the Pros do something extra right away. And it doesn’t even have to be a discount – see how wonderfully tackled it with the ’20 side dishes grandma loves’.
"Personalized recommendations just for you! Discover products tailored to your interests. Click here to explore."Personalization is one of the top marketing trends this year. It makes clients feel special and simplifies the decision-making process. See these awesome examples of how cleverly Starbucks and Uber use geo-targeting & personalization together. 
"Exclusive discount for loyal customers! Enjoy 20% off your next order. Use code 'BRAND20' at checkout."Here goes a sense of belonging. Adding your customers to a special group will make them feel special and make them want to see what you're offering. Adidas' Member Week is a great illustration of a customer loyalty push notification template. 
"New arrivals alert! Check out our latest collection and be the first to shop the hottest trends."These push notifications work really well with loyal customers, who already love your products and will be pumped for your new releases. 
"Limited time offer! Get a free gift. Click here to claim yours."This type of message also creates a sense of urgency, but its main component is the free gift. Since it is promised to cost users nothing, the CTR of such push notifications should be sky-high. See how these desktop versions of push notifications allow using all elements: logo, title, message, image, and button. 
"Flash sale alert! Hurry, limited stock available. Grab your favorites before they're gone!"Urgency + scarcity = irresistible combo! Flash alerts provide real-time updates and time-sensitive information to users, ensuring they never miss important updates or limited-time offers. Office Depot did it slightly differently, but also nicely.
DON’T MISS OUT ♨️"Don't miss out! Our biggest sale of the year is happening now. Shop now and save up to 50% off!"Messages like this also give users a sense of urgency. Paired with a discount, they are sure to push users to take action. Ideally, these messages' links/buttons should lead to a product catalog and not to the company's home page. 
LAST CHANCE TO GET SOMETHING 🏃‍♂️"Last chance! Don't miss the opportunity to win a dream vacation. Enter our contest now."Similar to ‘Don’t miss out’ ‘Last Chance’ messages make you think you might regret missing out (creating crippling FOMO) if you don't take advantage of this opportunity. Additionally, these types of push notifications are perfect for holidays and special occasions, like FANXCHANGE uses them. 
"Breaking news! Stay up to date with the latest updates. Tap to read more."Our natural human curiosity cannot ignore Breaking News or similar messages that suggest we are about to witness something special! It’s the ultimate attention grabber. These messages can work for any industry, you just have to make sure that the other side of the link/button is something valuable for the user. BuzzFeed is for sure the King of Headlines. See how they masterfully deliver breaking news by attaching an additional piece of information so you're intrigued and want to read more.
"Celebrate with us! It's our anniversary, and we want to share the joy with you. Enjoy exclusive discounts and surprises."Being invited to celebrate something with the brands makes you feel a part of their community – and we all like belonging. So even though this is basically an invitation to leverage discounts, this celebratory extra twist will encourage more loyalty. Along with inviting your users to celebrate Your special day with you, you can offer something extra special during common holidays.

The Bottom Line

These are just a few examples of push notification templates. The real potential of push campaigns is limitless. You can come up with your own messages, occasions, and message structure to lead users to complete the desired action. Just be sure to make it 1) relevant to your users, 2) clear to understand from one look, 3) leading to a specific page/offer instead of just your brand page. Nashpush – is an emerging push notification platform that helps dozens of its clients reengage their users and grow conversions. The platform is a one-stop shop for everyone who wants to make push notifications part of their marketing game without having to spend hours learning how. With the Nashpush platform, every step is intuitive and well-explained, and the are competitive and open, with no hidden fees or retentions.  Want to test out your user-engaging templates? Push here